Amir Alav

Amir Alav is a respected Producer/Guitar player. In 2006, he started performing in underground punk bands in Iran, moving unto working extensively as a session player, producer, and mixing engineer. He has organized multiple workshops in Tehran on recording and guitar tone production. Having collaborated with many established artists, he became a permanent band member of King Raam in 2014. In King Raam, Amir wears multiple caps, he is the guitar player, producer, and mixing engineer. Together, the band has performed extensively in Iran. They routinely tour within the US, Europe, and Canada, performing at festivals and with theatres. He has released multiple electronic pieces. Parallel to his music, Amir is a software engineer. His technical background in computer science and his passion for modern and vintage musical gear has contributed to his unique approach to production, sound design, and performance. Amir continues to focus on live sessions, mixing, and producing.